There’s no need to invest alone. Bespoke Estate Group has a long history of working with smart investors for great returns with a fraction of the risk. Joint ventures allow for larger, more unique projects, giving you much more flexibility on how you want to invest your money.

Sharing an investment with us carries a much lower risk, which is split equally between us and you. Because we invest in construction and property, larger investments create opportunities for huge returns. In fact, past joint ventures have brought our investors some of the biggest returns of their investment career.

We believe in transparency from day one, with all the numbers and possibilities discussed openly with you as soon as conversations start. You’ll be provided with monthly drawdown sheets, detailed site reports and the option for site visits throughout the whole process. It’s one of the advantages of investing with a company confident in their results.

We have a portfolio of successful joint ventures, with glowing references from past and present investors. Talk to us today about how we can work together to secure incredible returns for you.

Litcham Development.

We were approached by a local agent to view and offer on their clients large garden. We struck a deal with the landowner where we would build 4 properties on their land with plot 4 being built for the landowner to live in, all in exchange for the other 3 plots. We then designed and built the 4 dwellings, sold our 3 off before completion and split the profits 50/50 with our investor.

Initial Purchase – £0

Build Costs – £980,000

Gross Development Value – £1,350,000 (3 of 4 plots)

Project Length – 14 months

Total Investment – £980,000 (in drawdowns over a 12 month period)

Investors Profit – £185,000 (50% split on profits)

Investors Security – First charge on 3 plots


Checker Street, Kings Lynn.

Another typical project for us and our investors, this was one of many that we’ve flipped quickly in recent times. This property again was purchased far below market value due to the existing vendors personal circumstances. From initial viewing to completion of purchase took place in only 25 days. The property appeared to be in a desperate state but not structurally, we simply cleaned the property and undertook minor repair works knowing that if we did this it would be a very popular lot at auction. So we undertook the minor works and sold the property at auction splitting the profits with our investor who was obviously delighted at his return of £8,000.00 in only ten weeks.

Initial Purchase – £70,000.00

SDLT, Legals & Minor works – £12,000.00

Sale – £100,000.00

Project Length – 19 weeks

Total Investment – £80,000.00

Investors Profit – £8,000.00 (50% split on profits)

Investors Security – First charge on property