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With us, smart investors have earnt returns of over 10% on fixed terms between 6 months and 2 years. We can get those kinds of results by our tried and tested systems for investing in land, residential and commercial property. We have an extensive portfolio of successful fixed rate investments that we’re happy to show you before we get started.

Transparency is one of our core values. We provide easy, step-by-step breakdowns of the full term. We offer legal assistance for the whole process and all investments are fully asset backed, including first legal charge to you.

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Queens Av, King’s Lynn – HMO.

This is one of six HMO’s the company now owns and model remains the same. Purchase of this building was £88,000.00, it was purchased far below market value due to the vendor needing a fast sale for personal circumstances which we were able to do, from initial viewing to completion of sale took only 23 days. We then design and developed this run down property into a 5
bed room, two bathroom HMO. Once complete, we had our mortgage in place and the investor was returned his funds and profit, and we have a waiting list of new tenants.

Initial Purchase – £88,000.00

Build Costs – £72,000.00

Gross Development Value – £235,000.00

Project Length – 7 months

Total Investment – £160,000.00 (in drawdowns over a 6 month period)

Investors Profit – £16,000.00 (10% fixed agreed)

Investors Security – First charge