Bespoke Estate Group has developed a highly successful strategy for helping investors turn a reliable profit. We have an extensive portfolio, including fixed term investments, joint ventures and annual income contracts that we’re happy to show you.

Whilst our experience has given us so many similar success stories, we also understand that no two deals are the same. That’s where our amazing team comes in – to tweak and perfect each investment to give you the best returns.

If you’re reading this, we know you’re a smart person. That’s why below we’ve given you a breakdown of a couple of recently completed investments. We like to show clients real example of previous investments because transparency is at the core of what we do.

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Chapel Street, King’s Lynn.

This commercial building was multiple former restaurants that continued to close for various reasons which lead to the building owner deciding to sell the premises. The building was valued around £300k but we negotiated at £240k on an option to purchase once we’d received our required planning permissions. After the purchase we then continued with the design and development of this former commercial building into 6 luxury flats. We then had the building valued, mortgage was put in place and our investors funds were returned along with their profit. All 6 flats were let prior to the completion of the development.

Initial Purchase – £240,000.00

Build Costs – £260,000.00

Gross Development Value – £700,000.00

Project Length – 10 months

Total Investment – £500,000.00 (in drawdowns over a 8 month period)

Investors Profit – £50,000.00 (10% fixed deal)

Investors Security – First charge on entire premisis


Sir Lewis Street, Kings Lynn.

Another typical project for us and our investors, this was one of many that we’ve flipped quickly in recent times. This property again was purchased far below market value due to the existing vendors personal circumstances, from initial viewing to completion of purchase was able to take place in only 25 days. The property appeared to be in a desperate state but not structurally, we simply cleaned the property and undertook minor repair works knowing that if we did this it would be a very popular lot at auction. So we undertook the minor works and sold the property at auction splitting the profits with our investor who was obviously delighted at his return of £7,000.00 in only ten weeks.

Initial Purchase – £80,000.00

SDLT, Legals & Minor works – £10,000.00

Auction Sale – £107,000.00

Project Length – 10 weeks

Total Investment – £90,000.00

Investors Profit – £8,500.00 (50% split on profits)

Investors Security – First charge on entire premisis